What’s New In Voice4u for Android

Hi there!

In this post, we’d like to quickly go over the features of Voice4u Android. It has a lot of new updates! Also, we will share several ideas about the future updates.

1. 150+ pre-loaded icons

Voice4u for Android comes with 150+ icons, which are organized in 12 categories. Similar to the iPhone version, all pre-loaded icons and categories can be customized. You may also create new ones with the camera function or from the pictures in your gallery. Additionally, some icon graphics are remade by our creative director.

2. Edit Lock

(This feature is currently available only for the Android version.) You can protect your icons and categories from accidental losses. They can be locked with a 4-digit numerical pass code (the initial code is 0000). If you ever lose or forget your pass code, please contact to technical support. We will send you an emergency pass code.

(To navigate, press the “menu” button and tap “preferences”.)

3. Restoring pre-loaded items

This feature enables to restore the pre-loaded items without eliminating your custom items.

4. Compatible with Android 1.5+ (API Level 3+)

The app is built for the Android OS 1.5 or higher. So, hopefully this will cover most of devices available on market.

And, here are some ideas that we are planning to add to the future release.

A. Movie Clip

You can create an icon with a move clip instead of a still image (picture). The clip can be taken with the built-in camera, or you may put in your original clip that was edited on computer. This feature is suitable for showing a schedule, a complicated task, or a social story.

B. Tagging System

Right now, an icon is assigned to one category. With the tagging system, you can put an icon to multiple categories. This will be useful when using Voice4u in a classroom with multiple students.

C. Multiple Icons on Screen

This is so called a “social story” mode. The app will display multiple icons (2~8 images) on a screen instead of a single icon. This is useful for showing a complicated tasks in sequence or arranging your child’s schedule. We are planning to implement this social story function in early 2011 and currently designing a new user interface, which is very demanding…

Here is one idea….

D. Data Backup

Literally, this will let users to preserve an important icon library. At the first stage, a library can be saved to the computer. And at the second stage, users can backup data via the Wi-Fi/3G network with a single tap.

E. Data Share

This will allow to share custom made icons with your families, friends, teachers, therapists, and etc. You can exchange icons via Wi-Fi or bluetooth just like exchanging business cards.

That’s it for now. If you have any suggestions about new features that you want for Voice4u, please feel free to email us (info@sv4u.net) or leave comments! Thank you!