Voice4u Has Won the Grand Prize for the Android Application Awards (A3)!

Hi everyone!

We’ve got some great news! Thanks to your help, Voice4u received the Grand Prize of the Android Application Awards (A3) Contest!

Currently, there are at least 300,000 Android Applications out in the market. We have entered a time where users are still trying to figure out how to use many of these applications. In Japan, there is a country-wide app contest called the Android Application Awards (A3) that was just held a couple of months ago.

The number of entered applications were 438, and 25 (including game apps) remained in the last judgement. Voice4u was chosen as the “Grand Prize” winner. The reason behind this judgement was,

“This is an accomplished application that could only be done on the Android Phone, and it accomplished the goal of making sure that it got itself into the hands of user.”

Voice4u is currently used in 30 different countries and helping many people with conversations.

Here is the video recording of the announcement with English subtitle:

The words of the President of A3 are as below:

“Voice4u was a rather different piece out of all of the applicants this time. That doesn’t mean everybody will have fun with this. In a way, it has a very small targeted area, but on the other hand, it has many characteristics that could only be accomplished on the Android or the Smart Phone.

It may be wanted from only a small group of people, but they need it desperately more than anybody else.

It is not simply that many people can use it in a shallow manner, but thinking about the spread of Android Applications, “Giving the most wanted item to those to desperately need them” is not everything, but, I believe, one of the most important pillars for Applications.

Also, those kinds of needs are very global. It’s possible to use them outside of Japan.”

As for the response of receiving this award, Voice4u said:

“Yumi Kubo found out that her second child was autistic soon after giving birth to him.

But even through taking care of her son, she continued to make a great group of friends, such as mothers and father of autistic children,

Even though she has been living overseas and living there, she continues to work in a deep community.

In that, I am very happy that they have received this award because they have giving the ability ‘To tell what you need to tell to who you need to tell’ for not only those with autism but to many people around them.”

Once again, thank you all for all of your support. We hope to help you more with Voice4u!

– Voice4u Team

~ Grand Prize Trophy ~
“大賞” = Grant Prize
“スペクトラムビジョンズ株式会社” = Spectrum Visions Global, Inc. (our company name!)