What’s New in New Voice4u? (4): Reordering Icons and Categories

We believe this feature is be pretty useful, which is available on all iOS devices. Thanks to quite a few feedbacks, Voice4u gained the ability to manually change the order of icons or categories. In previous versions, we had to tweak the word/phrase of icons to sort them, for example, “1 wake up”, “2 eat breakfast”, “3 go to school”, “4. study”, … and etc. You don’t need to do so anymore!

With this feature, creating a schedule, recipe, or social story will become a way easier. Let’s take a look at a few screenshots.


(1) Turn on the “Edit mode” switch. (2) Hold the icon you want to move. (3) Drag it to a position that you want to move.

iPhone, iPod touch

(1) Turn on the “Edit” switch. (2) Holde the right edge of the icon you want to move. (3) Slide it to a position that you want to move.

By the way, we are preparing printable & online manuals of Voice4u. The manuals will be available when the new version is published.

– The Voice4u Team