New Release: Voice4u Android Version-2.2

A new version of Voice4u for Android now supports Amazon Kindle Fire HD. It’s available at Android Market, Amazon App Store and Barns & Noble’s NOOK App Store.

Here is a highlight of this update:

  1. Support Kindle Fire HD
  2. Optimized the List Style View
  3. Bug fix

1. Support Kindle Fire HD

Voice4u was tested on Kindle Fire HD, 7-inch tablet with built-in camera & microphone. The app works nice and smooth. Kindle Fire HD doesn’t require an external microphone to record voices.

We also tested with other Android devices including NOOK Tablet, Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Player, and Sony Xperia Tablet S.

(Galaxy Player and Xperia Tablet are not shown in the photo.)

Kindle Fire HD is available at

2. Optimized List View for Tablet Screen

The app can switch between a list style view and a grid style view (Here is how to do it). The height of each cell and font size were a little big on Android tablets, so we optimized it.



3. Bug Fix

The previous version had a problem that the browse screen did not respond to switching between single and multi mode and we fixed it!

For your information, here is how to switch between a single mode and a multi mode. The single mode is useful when you want to display one icon on the screen, while the multi mode is suitable for building sentences and creating multiple choices.

Do you know? – Online Tutorials

Do you know all the functions of Voice4u?

We also recently updated most of tutorials with the latest screenshots & videos and optimized for Android, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

Check out our tutorials and videos! →

What else is going on now? – Voice4u Cloud

We are currently developing the Voice4u Cloud System, which enable us to share voices & pictures of Voice4u with more than one device, across iOS and Android OS. And of course with your friends!. For iOS devices, it is possible to copy a set of icons to multiple iOS devices [how to copy Voice4u data], but impossible to do from iOS to Android or vice versa. The Cloud System will make this happen. It will work as a solid backup system. So, no more hassles to changing devices, or changing operating systems.

How do I update?

It is straightforward. Please follow these steps (this is the standard way to update Android applications).

  1. Tap on the Notification menu at the top and drag it down.
  2. Find Voice4u. Just tap on that and you’ll be taken into the Android Market or Amazon App Store (depending on which store you purchased Voice4u) and be presented with a list of all installed programs that have an update.
  3. Tap on Voice4u to begin the update.
  4. Next, tap Update. The program will remind you it’s replacing the current version. Tap OK.
  5. Now you’ll be shown all the things the application has access to. Tap OK.
  6. New Voice4u will be installed and you’ll be up to date.

You can find more information about Voice4u for Android here:

– Voice4u team