Help Voice4u to Help More People – Mission Main Street Grants

Help us receive 250 votes on the Mission Main Street℠ Grants page by November 15, 2013 to get closer to qualifying for a grant. Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. We are currently applying for the program in order to expand the Voice4u application. The grant will be used to develop a new server system so that Voice4u users can save & share their icons. The new system will allow users like you to use their icons anywhere, anytime and on any device. Please help us receive 250 votes on the Mission Main Street Grants page to get closer to qualifying for a grant.

How to Vote

It’s simple. Just visit to the voting site website and click “Vote”!!!
(Step 1) Go to
(Step 2) Click “VOTE”. You may be asked to login with your FACEBOOK account. Login with your credential and follow the instructions on the screen.
(Last but not least, share your support via Facebook, Twitter, and email!!)

Every single vote counts. Help us so that Voice4u can give more voice to people around the world.

Our Intention for Use of Grant

We are currently planning and designing a Backup Server System, which can save all of your Voice4u data and enable to share across different platforms regardless iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, NOOK, or Kindle. Even if you change devices, or accidentally lose your precious data, the backup system will help you to recover the data.

If our application were accepted by the program, the grant would be used for developing the system. We are confident that the new system should make Voice4u much easier and convenient to use. Furthermore, it should make it possible to share library with your families, teachers, therapists, and anyone around you.

Here is a conceptual image of the new system.
Voice4u Cloud System

Our one and only wish is to support more people in the world, and we believe you can help us in many ways. We truly appreciate it if you canspread the word to people around you!

Thank you so much for your support!!

-The Voice4u Team