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Founded in 2010, Voice4u, Inc. (f.k.a. Spectrum Visions Global, Inc.)‘s mission is to enhance learning and human expression for individuals with special needs, development delays, autism, and PDD using information technology.

We are committed to helping our customers accelerate their business through technology. In every engagement, we use a set of proven methodologies that guide our work and we strive to balance leading-edge technology innovation with cost-effective, reliable, secure, and adaptive IT solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ needs.

Team Voice4u

Yumi Kubo

Yumi is founder and CEO of Voice4u (formerly Spectrum Visions Global, Inc.). Before founding the company, she has enthusiastically help community IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan), IEP (Individual Educational Program) and IET (Individual Educational Transition). Kubo also started several social groups to support children with development delays as well as did numerous public lectures in Japan and the U.S. She loves cooking, wine tasting, running 5-K race, and kids’ smiles. She was also introduced in San Jose Mercury News, “Autism Mystery – Family Finds Hope Silicon Valley”.

Also check out how she came up with Voice4u in the first place.

Sei Higuchi, Ph.D.

Sei is Head of Engineering for Voice4u. He received his Ph.D. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University in 2009. At Stanford, he developed complex computing algorithms to hold temperature variations as low as microkelvin (1 in 1,000,000) and experimentally demonstrated. While he was a Ph.D. student, he participated to numerous activities to support autism community. Immediately after completing his Ph.D., he joined Spectrum Visions and started developing the Voice4u AAC application, which won the Grand Prize on Android Application Award 2010-11 Winter. His primary responsibility at Spectrum Visions is leading the Voice4u development team and numerical analysis to provide superb user experience to our customers.

Sei received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Waseda University, Japan, MS & Ph.D in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Stanford University.

Koji Osawa, Ph.D.

Dr. Koji Osawa is the Advisor of Spectrum Visions. He is Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Global Catalyst Partners (“GCP”). GCP is a venture capital fund established in July 1999. They invest primarily in early stage companies active in the areas of IT sector. GCP has established three funds with a total amount of over $300M. GCP has offices in U.S. and Japan.

Dr. Osawa has extensive business development and investment experience in high tech industries in Japan, U.S. and Asian countries since 1985 while employed at Mitsubishi Corporation, the largest trading firm in the world. Dr. Osawa was Division Manager of Mitsubishi International Corporation from 1993 though 1999. During this period he invested in several private companies and arranged a wide range of strategic agreements with Japanese companies to the tune of several hundred million dollars of business per year.

Dr. Osawa also serves as Director of the Board of several NPOs, Global Catalyst Foundation, Digital Divide Data, Japanese Technology Professionals Association and Keizai Society.

Dr. Osawa received a BS in Electronics from Keio University, Japan and Ph.D. in Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan.

Special Thanks

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Connie Sugawara
Kenta Funada
Masato Yamamoto
Mari Kaneshima
Michi Kaifu
Mona Okimoto
Priscilla Purro
Rinnosuke Masumoto
Rina Hatakeyama
Sai Masumoto
Tammy & Parker Hodson (from Praying for Parker)
Toshiki Nakamura
Yamato Villaseñor
Yukako Sakazaki
Yuji Mori
Yuki Nakayama-Larrabee
Yuga Nakayama-Larrabee
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