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Symbol-based Communication System

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Voice4u is picture-based communication app for those who have speech speech challenges. There could be countless reasons of why individuals may be struggling with impeding communication; autism, stroke, language barrier, or traumatic brain injury. Voice4u is portable, customizable, and easy-to-use communication tool unlikely from conventional AAC communication devices. With Voice4u, you can easily bridge the communication gap and have a more better and accurate understanding of the individual’s wants and needs. It is developed through collaboration with professionals, such as, speech language pathologists, special education teachers, parents of special needs individuals, and researchers. Voice4u has been used in 100+ countries around the world since 2009.


Easy To Use

Our user-friendly interface lets you use Voice4u immediately upon downloading. Take Voice4u with you anywhere and anytime. Try it with a number of accessibility features such as Guided Access.

How to Use Voice4u
Create Your Original Icons

Create Your Original Icons

You can make a new icon in less than 5 seconds in any languages. Create as many as you need using your own photos and voice. The app can also automatically select an image, a category and record voices in 30+ languages by machine learning algorithms.

180+ Pre-loaded Icons

Icons with easy-to-listen to, clear voice organized in 11 categories that helps user’s self expression. It comes with numerous of vivid and memorable specially designed images that can help assist and improve language.

180+ Pre-loaded icons


Create icons that fit the needs of each and every family member. Very easy to change images and voices of icons and create a sentence, a social story or a visual cue. Voice4u is not just for children with autism, but for all people with communication challenges.

Switch Friendly

Start using the app with an external switch immediately after download. It is very easy to setup. Available for all models of the iPad and iPad mini.

Print Icons From the App

Print your icons with just one tap. Everything is wireless and without complicated settings. Save hours of your work when making laminated cards. You can have both digital and paper icons so easily and quickly.

Wireless Backup & Sync

Wirelessly backup and sync data all devices you own. You data is stored securely and easily restore onto all of your devices.

Cloud Backup

Voice4u AAC in Action

Online Tutorials

Add as many icons as you want with your own pictures and voice! Check out visual online manuals showing how to do it. Voice4u is a very simple application, but provides a numerous creative usages.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S,6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus
  • iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro
  • iPod touch 5th, 6th generations
This is the list of devices that many Voice4u users like (but not limited to these of course!).

  • Google Nexus
  • Kindle Fire
  • Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note

The Graphics – Why Aliens?

Let’s talk about why Voice4u’s characters all look like aliens. The alien looking characters were developed because specialists, teachers and speech therapists recommended that the icons not wear clothes and not have hair. This was because kids may become distracted if they notice that one icon’s clothing or hair is a little different than that of another icon. They also recommended that the images be vivid. These suggestions are what led to the birth of our alien-like characters. Based on user input, we also made sure that our characters have bodies rather than being stick figures.

The app can add more than 1000 icons, so add any icons that work for you.


The Secret of Audio

The audio on Voice4u is of a fairly low pitch. Many people have very sensitive hearing and are therefore made uncomfortable by high voices. In consideration of this problem, we carefully chose an individual with a clear and low voice to provide audio for our icons. When you listen to the voice, we hope that you are happy with the clarity and quality of it.

The app allows you to record your own voice, too. Or, it can record voice for you: Voice4u is able to detect a language of an icon and automatically record for you.

Our Story

Voice4u was created to solve an unmet need for people with autism and other speech disabilities. The original idea was from love of a mother, who just wanted to communicate with her kid, just like other mothers do. Voice4u is now supporting people like her and their children in 100+ countries.

Ready to Download?

Tap here to download for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Tap here to download for Android phone and tablet

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Want to know what our customers think about Voice4u? How they use Voice4u? How much Voice4u changed their lives? Here are a selection of our customers introducing their success using Voice4u. Do you have a success story to share, too? Please get in touch with us! Below are just a handful of the great things our customers have said about us and using the Voice4u app.


@ZigZagLeeds (Twitter)

The update for Voice4U app is awesome. It will be so much easier for Seb to use and hopefully learn to navigate… http://fb.me/1BCnnC3hv

@FreeAsTrees (Twitter)


“This application has huge potential! In our case, our daughter has Down syndrome. Her speech is often unclear to others, she forgets words, and she gets mixed up between similar words. However, she’s fantastic at identifying pictures & loves looking at them just for fun. This tool is a great way to help her both develop language and be understood by others. The main limitation for us, as someone previously mentioned, is that you can’t create new categories – you’re stuck with the 9 categories chosen by the developers. Once this feature is added, it will be much more customizable to meet the needs of individual users, many of whom may not be able to make use of the spelling of a word to find the word they need. If you could modify the categories, you could start out by making a really simple, limited category/vocabulary system for users who need that, and modify it to be more and more complex as the user improves in their language ability and skill using the ap. This tool represents an exciting new era, in which technology is “changing the picture” for people with disabilities & other challenges. Thank you!”

Parent of Down Syndrome Child

“My son using the Voice4U application for the iPhone. A type of augmentative communication. He is only two and still learning, so I am still doing a lot of the navigating–the tapping of the screen is him, though– I just have to help him maintain the pointer.” (quoted from the video description)

Katy, Bird on the Street

“It is simple enough that 3 year olds can (and are!) using it. (We) have replaced his PECS with Voice4u. I wasn’t really thrilled with the whole PECS program, because, really having to add yet another big and bulky binder whenever we went anywhere….sucked. We uploaded OUR VERY OWN PICTURES of our VERY OWN ITEMS onto our iTouch. Hello amazing. When Parker touches the picture he wants he hears my voice saying the name of what the picture represented. Totally kicking the trash of digging through pages of downloaded pictures of items not easily recognizable by a kid with Down syndrome.”

Tammy & Parker, Praying for Parker

“I’ve used several communication applications for special needs, but this is OUTSTANDING! The app is very simple, smooth and not too complicated like other apps; colorful graphics + good voice outputs. In fact, my friend’s son, who is moderately autistic, liked the app and was able to add an icon with minimum guidance. Because he really liked it, he even refused to return my iPhone and then showed me the icon, “No”. This app may not be suitable for those who can already type and build a sentence, but I highly recommend this app who are looking for affordable and powerful AAC. Maybe also useful for English learners, or infants. Anyways, well worth the $29.99. Look forward to updates!”

AAC Specialist

Simple and work well

“My little brother’s been using Voice4u and he hasn’t let go of it ever since he started using it. It’s pretty awesome and all the pictures are cool and easy to look at. The system is easy to use and to learn (I learned the basics it in a few seconds! There’s nothing complicated with it,) so I can help my brother with making icons instead of going over manuals and trying to learn how to type something into an oversized device that can’t even pronounce anything the way we want.

It also makes carrying things around a lot easier. My brother’s old speaking device was the size of a small laptop, and was immensely heavy and annoying to carry around everywhere. But now, since the device is compacted into the small iPod Touch, it’s a hundred times lighter and also looks much cooler to carry around everywhere. (When my brother carried around his old device, everyone tried to take his device and tried to use it because it looked so “special”.)”

Brother of Autistic Child

“the system to be expandable, with the capability of adding up to 1,000 of the user’s own words and pictures. Additionally, you can change the icons and voices with your own photos and sounds as well, in both Japanese and English. Voice4U is mainly intended for school-age users, though it can serve consumers of all ages.”

App Store Review

“My brother’s old speaking device was the size of a small laptop, and was immensely heavy and annoying to carry around everywhere. But now, since the device is compacted into the small iPod Touch, it’s a hundred times lighter and also looks much cooler to carry around everywhere. When my brother carried around his old device, everyone tried to take his device and tried to use it because it looked so “special”.”

Brother of Autistic Child

Simple and fun

“The idea is simple – replacing picture cards with icons (and voice), and the application is certainly simple and intuitive. My son could easily figure out how to use it, and even how to take picture and record voice to add a new card. He loves it. He loves iPhones anyway, so the app is so much fun for him. Price is reasonable compared to other alternatives. Great app for kids with autism.”

App Store Review

Good application and the ability to include your own items or modify existing is great. Well done.

Terry, Special Ed. Teacher

Good start

“I have enjoyed using this app as a way to begin to introduce the concept of using the IPad as a way to communicate. For younger children help is needed to initially navigate the choices of pictures; however for older children who love video games they often learn to navigate the pictures easily. One of the nicest features is the ability to add own pics to personalize.”

Parent of Special Need Child

Great AAC!

“I’m autistic and from the Netherlands. This app has been a great help since I installed it. I translated all icons into Dutch and made a few personal ones myself. It’s so easy! Very beautiful icons with just enough details, but plain and simple and universal usage. Because you can record your own voice, this Aac app is easy to translate in every possible language. I like the way the V4U staff communicates with their clients and users. Quick, autismfriendly and loving. Thank you!”

“Ik heb autisme en woon in Nederland, alle items van de app heb ik zelf in het Nederlands vertaald om de app te kunnen gebruiken in het dagelijks leven. Dat gaat heel goed! Nu kan ik ook in stress tijden praten en contact maken. Het is handig dat je zelf alles in kunt (laten) spreken. Zo is de app dus voor elke taal mogelijk te gebruiken! De medewerkers van V4U zijn duidelijk, snel en autismevriendelijk in hun antwoorden op mijn vragen. Dank daarvoor!”

Voice4u User from Netherlands

Nicely Done

“Great app for communication. For a more detailed review of this app, as well as other ‘autism apps’ see AutismEpicenter.com


Good easy to use app

“Voice4U was easy to navigate and edit. The app includes some ok pictures — although I bought it for the framework and deleted most. I have another (high end) communication device and wanted something for backup. I easily imported the picture icons we currently use and photos and added recorded voice. I also easily deleted unwanted icons. …”

Parent of Special Need Child

Speech Language Pathologist Review

“I found this app to be very useful for my non-verbal students or students with a limited speech repetoire. I especially like the fact that I was able to personalize the photos(i.e., add familiar objects, classroom staff, students, and rewards) into this app. I even allowed someof the students to record their own names with their pictures. I can also modify this app to add information about books we’ve read in speech and ask “wh” questions about it. This app serves as a great visual support to my lessons… Bye Bye velcro, laminating paper and scissors:)”

Speech Language Pathologist

Communication at fingertips

“I downloaded this app after receiving a code to access for free.I am a special education teacher and have a number of students who are non-verbal in my class. I find this app easy to use and also easy to add to. Whether the students find it easy to use is yet to be discovered.”

Special Education Teacher

Love Vocie4u on iPad

“Awesome application; exceeds my expectations and works beautifully for my 7 year old daughter with CP. We have tried two different aug comm devices, $3,000 and $8000 respectively. Voice4u on iPad blows them both out of the water for $29.99. The other two devices were bulky, worked sporadically, poor visibility, low battery life, difficult to personalize. Voice4u is exactly the opposite on all accounts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Parent of Special Need Child

A great investment!

“This app saved our family. We used to use a specialized device, but our son stopped using it when he became a teenager saying, “It looks stupid. I hate it”. It seemed like he didn’t like being different from his other friends. However, Voice4u can be used on the iPod touch, so when he went to school with it the other kids kept talking about how “cool” or “awesome” it was. My son seemed very happy. Now he uses his iPod touch to communicate with his friends. He has a lot of fun conversing with others, showing his friends his app and talking about other cool iTouch applications. Thanks to Voice4u, my son has made a lot more friends, and really looks forward to going to school everyday, and feels bored when there school is off for the weekend. I never thought this day would come! Millions of thanks!!!.”

App Store Review


“We have voice4u on our Ipad. My daughter’s fingers are not that dextrous, so I thought she would have trouble using an iPod Touch. However, she was able to use it with ease on the Ipad. She especially likes the cute pictures!! She likes to show off the pictures, so she’s always happy to talk with others using the application. I never thought a day would come when she would be so talkative!! I’m thrilled!!”

Parent of Special Need Child

Say goodbye to PECS

“I never want to make a Pecs card again. Not ever. No more messy rooms with paper and lamination scraps all over the place. I have been able to escape such dreadful days thanks to Voice4u. When the images are on paper, I have to ask my kids to pay attention to me, which in itself takes forever. With Voice4u though, the moment I take the iPod touch
out of my pocket, my kids are all over me. I can easily get their attention, and i don’t have to worry about them running away. Thank you so much for creating such an unbelievable icon.”

Parent of Special Need Child


“I am a speech therapist, and the majority of my clients are autistic. I’ve been using Voice4u for speech therapy for about two months now, and it’s clear that my clients are increasing their vocabulary. I have gotten positive feedback from the parents as well, and most of them have told me that their children now speak to them more at home. It would be so great if there were more products like this. If there was a type-speech function, it would be even greater than it already is.”

Speech Language Pathologist

So helpful!

“I have a 3 year old with cerebral palsy. He is not the most verbal creature either…he is beginning to be able to show me pictures of what he needs or wants (which is so much better than me guessing what he needs!)

We had a dynavox for awhile and it was way to difficult to both program and carry about… this provides instant access at all times! Plus, you can add your own photos, which makes it very personal!

I think for the price, this is a major value. Compared to other products, this is well worth the cost. It may take a bit to learn to navigate, but all communication devices need to be learned. ”

Mother of Special Need Child

Want to share your success story?

We hear voices asking about what Voice4u is like.

“How can one communicate with a child who doesn’t want to speak?” was one of our biggest themes and problems. To help other families and their children, could you post a video on a video site such as YouTube where the user is using Voice4u with his or her family? Pictures speak louder than words, and this is one of biggest ways to help others. Please take a shot at this. We’re grateful for even a short video.

If you post a video, let us know it at info@sv4u.net. We will send a small thanks for your help.

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