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Free Icons

Here are communication icons in a PDF format, actually created with the Voice4u AAC app. You can freely create your own icons with your own pictures and voices. You can also save as a PDF or print them directly from the app.

Free Sample Icons - emotion and actions

Emotion & Action


Free Sample Icons - greeting



Social Stories & Videos

Appropriate Diet – A Social Story for Autism

The founder’s son, Wata, eats a lot of same things, thus we created a visual social story to have him understand that eating too much of the same thing is not good for his health.

No More Stuff Left Behind

Wata used to have problems bringing things to and from school. A little invention helped our “King of Forgetfulness” overcome this problem. He no longer forgets his belongings nor his homework.

Appropriate Diet Slides

This is a slide deck of the used in “Appropriate Diet – A Social Story of Autism”. Click here to download.

Dr. Duerr introduces as a case study in his book, International Marketing & Export Management

Dr. Edwin Duerr introduced Voice4u in his book, International Marketing & Export Management 7th edition.

Voice4u won Android Application Award 2010-11 Winter

Voice4u won the Grand Prize in Android Application Award (A3, A-cube) 2010-11 Winter: the biggest Android app competition in Japan.

“Autism” – The Record of a Boy with Autism

This is the record of an autistic boy, born from the chances of one out of a hundred children.

3-Minute Film on Autism – “Humans of San Jose”

This is a short film made by a sister of a boy with ASD. You can hear what he is thinking when trying to communicate.

Online Tutorials

Add as many icons as you want with your own pictures and voice! Check out visual online manuals showing how to do it. Voice4u is a very simple application, but provides a numerous creative usages.

Beginners’ Guide

Are you new to apps and smartphones? Wants to know how to download apps and receive new updates? Here is a quick guide to walk you through the app-smartphone paradigm.


How to use guided access

How to Use Guided Access

Apple created a lot of wonderful features in iOS 6. One of them is Guided Access (single-app mode), which you can lock down into single app only. It makes your iDevices far more useful at school, therapy, and home.
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How to hide YouTube

How to Hide YouTube from iPhone and iPad

Today, we’d like to share a tip for your iOS devices. We have been asked about how to hide or block access to YouTube. Since iOS 6, YouTube doesn’t come with iOS anymore though, we can still watch videos through Safari, Chrome, and etc. We will show you how to setup “Restrictions” on iOS.
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Importance of Visual Aids

Importance of Visual Aids

The primarily intended users of Voice4u is individuals with autism. Autism is a disorder of neural development that is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. These signs may begin before a child is about three years old.
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Autism Facts

Autism Facts, Stats

One of the characteristics of ASD is the development disorder of person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. However, because children with ASD could recognize, analyze and comprehend visualized information sufficiently, various icons or visual images are encouraged to be utilized for communication.
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Visual Recipes

Here are a collection of step-by-step cooking recipes that you can print and use in the classroom or home. Everything is available as a PDF format. If you need in a Power Point format, email us.

Banana Toast Visual Recipe

Banana Toast


BLT Sandwich Visual Recipe

BLT Sandwich


Chocolate Cookie Visual Recipe

Chocolate Cookie


Cinnamon Toast Visual Recipe

Cinnamon Toast


Garlic Mash Potato Visual Recipe

Garlic Mash Potato


Ham & Cheese Grill Visual Recipe

Ham & Cheese Grill


Ham, Tomato, Lettuce Sandwich Visual Recipe

Ham, Tomato, Lettuce Sandwich


Italian Toast Visual Recipe

Italian Toast


Mac & Cheese Visual Recipe

Mac’n Cheese


Margarine Jam Visual Recipe

Margarine Jam


Mayonnaise Cheese Bread Visual Recipe

Mayonnaise Cheese Bread


Mayo Egg Toast Visual Recipe

Mayo Egg Toast


Oreo Shake Visual Recipe

Oreo Shake


Pancakes Visual Recipe



Peanuts Butter Jam Visual Recipe

Peanuts Butter & Jam


PB Sandwich Visual Recipe

Peanuts Butter Sandwich


Pizza Bread Visual Recipe

Pizza Bread


Scrambled Eggs Visual Recipe

Scrambled Eggs


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