How to copy photos & images to your iPod Touch

Happy new year, everyone! So, we’ve received quite a few questions something like, “Hey, I can’t figure out how to put my pictures onto my iPod Touch. I’ve just got mine for Christmas. So, I have no clew.”

No problem. Let us help you.

How to copy graphics

Here are steps to copy graphics to your iPod Touch and iPhone.

1. Create a folder, (for example) under “My Pictures”. In this case, we will use the name “voice4u”.

2. Obtain images from web, digital cameras, or from photoshop.

3. Save the images to the folder that you created in the previous step. Here, we’re saving under “My Pictuersvoice4u”.

4. Plug your iPod Touch or iPhone into the computer using the USB cable

5. Launch iTunes.

6. Click your iPod’s pane on iTunes.

7. Click on the tab entitled “Photos”.

8. Check “Sync Photos” and select “My Pictures”.

9. Make sure you’ve chosen “My Pictures”. Check to either include “All folders” or just “Selected folders”. If you checked “Selected folders”, check the folders you want to copy to your device. In this case, we checked “voice4u”.

10. Click “Apply” to stat copying images to your device.

That’s all! Please wait for a second until the sync is complete.

Adding a custom icon

Let us show you quickly how to add a new icon with your own graphics. The following steps are the same as our video tutorial (which is copied in the end of this post).

1. Run Voice4u.

2. Tap the “Add” button and then tap “Select image”.

3. Select a desired photo album.

4. Pick up a photo from the album you selected.

5. Confirm the photo and tap “Next”.

6. Record voice.

Please make sure to plug your microphone into your iPod Touch. Otherwise Voice4u will give you a notification saying “No audio input detected”.

7. Type in the word(s) associated with your graphic. Here we’re typing “Occupational Therapy”. You can also type a sentence, like “We are talking now”.

8. Select a desired category.

9. Confirm.

Let’s try it! You can find the icon by browsing by alphabetically

or by category.

This video tutorial may be helpful: Voice4u Tutorial Video (2 of 4) – Adding Custom Icon