Voice4u Version 1.1 Enables Category Editing Function

The Next Voice4u, version 1.1, will include the much awaited category editing function.

This new function will enable the following:

  • creation of new categories
  • deletion of unneeded categories
  • editing of pre-existent categories

For example, you can put often used icons into a personalized category that you may call “Often Used” or “My Icons”. On the other hand, if there are only 4 or 5 icons in one category, you can also have the option of deleting that small category and filing those icons elsewhere in a different, possibly more suitable category. You can also match categories to specific tasks or occasions, such as “At School”, “After School”, or “For Shopping” categories. The icons that were deleted in a deleted category will be placed in the “uncategorized” genre.

Currently, we are aiming for a release towards the end of June. We will be sure to post any notifications about any further updates. We hope you look forward to this new addition!