Voice4u for Android Update

Voice4u for Android

Hello there!

Voice4u for Android is updated and available at the Android Market. Here are the changes:

  • Fixed the bug on editing icon words.
  • Changed the background color of the table views: pure white for unselected items. light blue for selected item.
  • Optimized UI for various screens: 320x480px, 480x800px, 480x854px, 1024x600px.
  • Changed the Manifest file to support devices without a built-in camera. We still support the OS version 1.5+, but strongly recommend to update to 2.1 or 2.2
  • Omit the function to initialize all icon items because this can be easily done by reinstalling the app.

That’s it for now. In the future (hopefully next) update, we are planning to add some useful functions like, (1) data backup & restore between PC, and (2) hide icons instead of deleting.

To download Voice4u for Android, please choose one of these:

  1. Search the Android Market for “voice4u”.
  2. Email a download link to your Android.
  3. Direct Download (follow this link from your Android).

– The Voice4u team