Voice4u TTS now can read handwritten characters

Hi! Today we’re introducing some helpful features on the Voice4u Text-To-Speech (TTS) app.

Did you know Voice4u TTS can read text on an image that was taken by your device’s camera? Voice4u can automatically distinguish between 30 different languages including English, and can read it aloud. You can also pick a woman or a man’s voice to read the text aloud.

To use it, follow the steps below:

(1) Tap the Camera button and take a picture of what you want to read. Surround the text with the white box.

(2) Take a picture. Wait a moment.

(3) The screen will show up like this. Press the green button and the app will read it for you.

Voice4u Text-To-Speech is now getting able to read handwriting. If everyone keeps using Voice4u, it will learn how to read even more handwriting. So please, everyone try it now!

–Voice4u Team