Bonus Icons for Voice4u – Speech Therapy

Hello there!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! First of all, we’d like to express sincere thanks to downloading Voice4u and also sharing your heart warming stories. It means a lot to us, which keeps us moving forward.

Along with a lot of comments & feedback on Voice4u, we’ve been requested for making custom icons. So, we’ll share icons through our blog. Please use your own voice to put it on your Voice4u. Our Creative Director has drawn some already. So, we’ll share one of them today, which is speech therapy.

You may use it some thing like, “We are talking”, or “Conversation”. (Remember, you can create an icon with sentences on Voice4u!)

The icons are distributed under Creative Commons License: you may use for your non-commercial projects for free, but not allowed for commercial work. For more details, read here.

Next time, we will go over how to put this picture to your iPod Touch (and iPhone).