A Loving Grandmother with Voice4u

I am sure that you are all already aware that an iPhone or iPod touch is needed in order use Voice4u.

Today, I gave an informational presentation to the families of children with special needs on how to use the iPhone. Although Voice4u is easy to use after just a little bit of practice, the iPhone itself can sometimes be a little hard to manage. Most of the people gathered today were first time users, so I took it upon myself to help them become more familiar with the device.

Amidst this group of people was a grandmother, who had come to learn for the sake of her grandchild. She memorized how to use Voice4u on the iPhone in very little time. Out of the people that participated today, she was by far working the hardest to learn how to use the application. It was heartwarming to see this grandmother working so hard for her grandchild. Looking at her made me think…if I had a grandchild with special needs, would I go to an informational presentation on how to use an iPhone application? Even if I told my own mother to go, I am not sure whether or not I would go myself.

Seeing this compassionate grandmother was so touching. Children that grow up surrounded by the love of their grandparents are truly lucky, because children grow and thrive off of the love from their families.

Today’s presentation made me appreciate my parents for bringing me up. To all those who attended, thank you very much.