Voice4u Flash Demo App

We have uploaded a Flash demo app at our website. The use of the demo is totally free!!! (Note that the demo doesn’t provide full features of Voice4u.)

The Flash demo app was created by Mr. Shimpei Koike from Ralston Middle School. Thank you!

After a few seconds of automatic demonstration, you may
(1) Click the Voice4u icon. (Select the green icon for English mode.)
(2) Select an item to use.
(3) Click the picture and audio will come out.

Hope you can get a taste of Voice4u and notice that using Voice4u is just as easy as this! Next, please try it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android phone!

To try the demo app, please click the link or image below.


The demo is still in the beta phase. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to email info@sv4u.net. The Android version will be available soon!

*** Please note that the demo app provides only the audio play-back function of Voice4u. It doesn’t support the full features of Voice4u, such as the item & category management system (you can’t add new icons). ***