Going to College for Students with LD, ADD and ADHD

Continuing off of our last post, this is another post on college references. This time it is a book that supports students with LDs, ADHD, and ADD.

The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Differences, 12th Edition: 350 Schools with Programs or Services for Students with ADHD or Learning Disabilities (College Admissions Guides)

This book records colleges around the nation that support students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

It also explains what kind of support there is, what the range of SAT scores are and many other references. It is a huge asset to looking for the college that is the perfect fit for the student.

This book has a questionnaire in the beginning that can help you figure out what sort of support you need. This can help students figure out different paths to colleges and figure out how to be able to have a smooth college life.

Voice4u TTS is a text-to-speech app on the iPad and the iPhone to help students with learning disabilities. It has also been helping students who have trouble with conversations in their daily college life. The main function are below:

  1. It can read aloud anything that has been typed into the app. It can read in 30 different languages and also save the document.
  2. It can read text that has been photographed with a camera. The app can read and analyze text that is written vertically or horizontally.
  3. Documents that have been saved can be sent via email and posted on social media.
  4. Anything that has been typed on the app can be sent to a printer to be printed. There is no need to do a long setup, and you can print and share as soon as possible.

Voice4u TTS can be downloaded here:

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