Voice4u’s Progress Over the Course of 60 Days – Part 2

Voice4u has been sold in seven countries. (As of this month that number has increased to 10!)

As you can see, Voice4u has become popular across the globe. We think the success of our product in various different countries is due to the fact that one can create new icons and add voice as they wish.

The Voice4u staff is overjoyed that our product is being appreciated on a global scale. Even from this point forward, we hope that your support for our product does not fade.

Voice4u’s recent activity in the mass media, and blogs. The main links are listed below. We believe our product has gained so much attention because it has been able to answer to the needs of individuals that wanted such a product. We hope that you will continue to use our product.

If you use Voice4u for one year, the cost will calculate out to being 8 cents per day. Being able to communicate for just 8 cents a day is very reasonable. We appreciate all of your support, and in the following blog, we will be holding a campaign. To all bloggers out there, this is a must see!