Voice4u’s Progress Over the Course of 60 Days – Part 1

This is the progress that our popular product has made in a 60 day period.

1. Sales

If we count the monthly sales from November as 1, in the end of January 2010, we sold 41 times as much (not 41 units!).

2. Facebook

The number of fans have been growing. There seems to be many people
who become fans after they begin using and understand how great
Voice4u is. A graph of the increase in the number of Facebook fans.

3. Twitter

We have a growing number of followers and Voice4u is always tweeting
about something everyday. For people who are not followers, you can easily become a follower by following the link below. A graph of the increase in Twitter followers.

4. Pageview

There’s a video that explains how to use Voice4u on YouTube, so please take a look at it. It is easy to use and there are even children as young as two-years-old using it. A graph representing the increase in pageviews.

Voice4u has been receiving much support and affection from many people during these past 60 days, and has been having an increasing amount of fans. Please take a  chance at Voice4u and try to use it. You will get to know how much we have grown during these 60 days.

Thanks to everyone’s support and interest in our product, Voice4u has shown much growth in various fields.

Next we will be talking about the countries in which our product has been sold.