Testimonials – What Fans Say About Voice4u

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We’ve got a bunch of comments, thoughts, and feedback so far. Here, wanted to share some of them. 🙂

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Simple and fun by SpringFog

“The idea is simple – replacing picture cards with icons (and voice), and the application is certainly simple and intuitive. My son could easily figure out how to use it, and even how to take picture and record voice to add a new card. He loves it. He loves iPhones anyway, so the app is so much fun for him. Price is reasonable compared to other alternatives. Great app for kids with autism.”

Simple and work well by Kīlauea

“My little brother’s been using Voice4u and he hasn’t let go of it ever since he started using it. It’s pretty awesome and all the pictures are cool and easy to look at. The system is easy to use and to learn (I learned the basics it in a few seconds! There’s nothing complicated with it,) so I can help my brother with making icons instead of going over manuals and trying to learn how to type something into an oversized device that can’t even pronounce anything the way we want. It also makes carrying things around a lot easier. My brother’s old speaking device was the size of a small laptop, and was immensely heavy and annoying to carry around everywhere. But now, since the device is compacted into the small iPod Touch, it’s a hundred times lighter and also looks much cooler to carry around everywhere. (When my brother carried around his old device, everyone tried to take his device and tried to use it because it looked so “special”.)”

Wonderful app! by broke80

“I’ve used several communication applications for special needs, but this is OUTSTANDING! The app is very simple, smooth and not too complicated like other apps; colorful graphics + good voice outputs. In fact, my friend’s son, who is moderately autistic, liked the app and was able to add an icon with minimum guidance. Because he really liked it, he even refused to return my iPhone and then showed me the icon, “No”. This app may not be suitable for those who can already type and build a sentence, but I highly recommend this app who are looking for affordable and powerful AAC. Maybe also useful for English learners, or infants.

A few (minor) recommendations for the developers:
(1) Ability to customize and create categories (presumably they already aware)
(2) Some icons are a little bizarre or unclear (can be replaced by yourselves though)

Anyways, well worth the $29.99. Look forward to updates!”


“the system to be expandable, with the capability of adding up to 1,000 of the user’s own words and pictures. Additionally, you can change the icons and voices with your own photos and sounds as well, in both Japanese and English. Voice4U is mainly intended for school-age users, though it can serve consumers of all ages”


“It is simple enough that 3 year olds can (and are!) using it.”
“(We) have replaced his PECS with Voice4u. I wasn’t really thrilled with the whole PECS program, because, really having to add yet another big and bulky binder whenever we went anywhere….sucked.”
“We uploaded OUR VERY OWN PICTURES of our VERY OWN ITEMS onto our iTouch. Hello amazing. When Parker touches the picture he wants he hears my voice saying the name of what the picture represented.”
“Totally kicking the trash of digging through pages of downloaded pictures of items not easily recognizable by a kid with Down syndrome.”

Thanks so much, everyone. It’s so lovely. Please keep sharing your thoughts and comments with us. Feel free to send us email (info@sv4u.net) or tweet (@sv4u)!

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