Voice4u for Android Version-1.2.6 Released


We made a small update and released a new version (1.2.6), which improved compressing a picture for a new icon.

Previously, we fixed the issue with displaying a small picture (say, 200px x 300px). But it still had a problem. When you create a new icon (or edit an image), the system automatically shrinks a photo by a factor of 4: if an original picture has 2000px x 2000px resolution, Voice4u compresses it to 500px x 500px to prevent from consuming too much memory (and crash). This is good for relatively large images though, it didn’t work for small images. So, this new version automatically adjusts the scaling factor depending on the size of an image.

Here is the recommended size and format of an image:

  • Minimum side length (width or height) is 500 pixels or more.
  • PNG or JPEG format

Please try it. If you hit any issues with the new version, please let us know immediately and we’ll fix it right away 🙂

What’s coming on the NEXT update?
Soon, we will be updating the next version, 1.3.0 with lots and lots of new great features. For example, you can switch grid/list style views:
Two views
(The image is taken from the development version.)

How do I update?

It is straightforward. Please follow these steps (this is the standard way to update Android applications).

  1. Tap on the Notification menu at the top and drag it down.
  2. Find Voice4u. Just tap on that and you’ll be taken into the Android Market and be presented with a list of all installed programs that have an update.
  3. Tap on Voice4u to begin the update.
  4. Next, tap Update. The program will remind you it’s replacing the current version. Tap OK.
  5. Now you’ll be shown all the things the application has access to. Tap OK.
  6. New Voice4u will be installed and you’ll be up to date.

You can find more information about Voice4u for Android here: https://voice4uaac.com/android.

— the Voice4u team