A Success Story – How Do you Use Voice4u Text-To-Speech (TTS)? (2)

In the last blog, we noted on verbal conversations.

In English classes, there is also classwork and homework where you need to write. My son can write with a pencil, but he has trouble with fine motor skills and he is very slow at writing with a pencil. Also, his writing is not really legible.

The professor and other students will not wait for him to finish writing. It is very important to finish writing by the end of class.

When my son realized that he couldn’t write his essay within the time limit, he sent an email to his professor asking is he could type his essay on his iPad and email it to his professor. His professor knew that his autism would hinder him from writing, so she allowed him to use his iPad to write his essay. Since then, my son has been using Voice4u TTS and sends his professor his essays in class. My son used to get low grades when he would write with pencil. After getting to type and send on Voice4u TTS, he is the first to finish writing his essay and turn it in. The professor and other students still have time until everyone finished their essay, so the professor corrects his essay and sends it back to him by the time he leaves.

My son can then take that home and review it on his own. Voice4u TTS makes a huge difference.

No one wants to be labeled that they can’t do the work just because they can’t turn in their work. (Even though they can understand it and do it.) After we have begun to use the method of sending his work done on Voice4u TTS via Email, my son’s grades jumped up.

In the next article, we’ll go over about my son’s typing speed and if he was able to type fast from the start