A Success Story – How Do You Use Voice4u Text -To- Speech (TTS)? (3)

My son was able to send his essays via Email on Voice4u TTS for his English Class.

He is very fast at typing so he can type up an essay very quickly and turn it in. He types with his pointer fingers, which he practiced at school and speech therapy. He used to do computer games aimed for children between the ages of 2 and three when he was in middle to get a hang of this.

His school teachers wanted to focus on him being able to hold a pencil and write. I believe that this is important too. But I have never seen my daughter (who is not disabled) write an essay with a pencil or a pen after she got into middle school. She typed all of her essays until the end of college. With the Cloud service, students in every grade are accessing and turning their homework online via Cloud. Time flies by fast!

After practice, my son was able to learn how to type fast. After learning to type on a keyboard, he began to speak when he got his hands on Voice4u TTS. He wrote his own story in Speech therapy one day. The story is below:

My story is about elephant, giraffe, zookeeper and Joshua.
My story is begins at the zoo in Washington D.C.
It is June and the sky is blue.
The elephant saw the mouse, he was scared, he jumped, and hurt his legs.
The zookeeper took the elephant to the hospital.
The giraffe was upset because the elephant is at the hospital.
The giraffe wants to go to the hospital and visit the elephant.
Joshua wants to go to the hospital to visit the elephant.
Joshua had to ask the zookeeper to drive the car to the hospital.
The giraffe asked the zookeeper can I go to the hospital with you?
The giraffe went to the hospital in a car with his head out of the window.
Joshua says “the giraffe looks funny.”
They all have fun to seeing the elephant at the hospital.

Above is the story that my son write. He usually wrote short sentences such as “I want ______.” “I’m going to ______.”

I was very surprised that my son was thinking about these things and I was also surprised that he would write this kind of story from his imagination.

It was hard to imagine when seeing my son for so many years. It’s useful for typing practice and the iPad can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard, so please try and practice typing on it. You may hear your child’s voice that you never thought you would hear.