Things you can do using Voice4u TTS

Hello everyone,

We’ll be introducing what kinds of effects Voice4u TTS (Text to Speech) has and what you can do with it.

– Using your voice on Voice4u TTS

This is a short film about an autistic adult who talks about his feelings and his life. His voice is portrayed with Voice4u TTS’ reading software.
Communication support is very important.

– Learning is more fun with Voice4u TTS!

We’d like to bring up a user (let’s call him Andy) who goes to his local college. He has dyslexia and has trouble reading his textbooks.

Voice4u TTS has a function that reads aloud photographed text from the camera function on your device, which can help users like Andy be able read through their textbooks.

Instead of typing it in, the app can read photographed texted. (The app will automatically detect the language of the text.)

Andy is currently using this app to read through and understand his textbooks and his worksheets in his college classes. He has now found joy in learning after being able to read through the work on his own without having someone else read aloud to him.

Voice4u TTS is not only a communication tool, but also supports its users through education and learning.

Voice4u TTS can read more than 30 different languages. For more information, go to the link below.
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– Voice4u Team