Voice4u Behind the Stage (4) – The Audio

The audio on Voice4u is of a fairly low pitch. Many autistic kids have very sensitive hearing, and are therefore made uncomfortable by high voices.

In consideration of this problem, we carefully chose an individual with a clear and low voice to provide audio for our icons. This extensive search for the individual with just the right voice took a great deal of time and effort, but we did it in the best interest of our users, seeking to match their needs.

We also took care in using a recorder that would clearly capture the audio.

Even though we used high quality instruments to carry out our creation of this application, we did not want to push these expenses onto our customers. Therefore, I borrowed the best of the equipment that friends had gathered for me, allowing us to save on our expenses and keep the price of Voice4u at the very affordable price of $29.99.

If you have the chance to listen to the voice that goes with the icons, we hope that you are satisfied with the clarity of it.