Voice4u Behind the Stage (3) – The Graphics

The specialists were very helpful and gave me lots of advice about how I should go about creatingVoice4u. The teachers and speech therapists recommended that the icons don’t wear clothes and don’t have hair.

The reason behind this suggestion was that autistic kids may become distracted if they notice that one icon’s clothing or hair is a little different than that of another icon. They also recommended that the images be vivid. These suggestions are what led to the birth of our alien-like characters.

Based on some requests, we also made sure that our characters have bodies in every image except for those in which the character is asleep.

Additionally, Voice4u does not include any characters depicting family members. We did this intentionally, hoping that each family could have fun together creating personalized icons.

It is possible to add up to about 1000 icons, so please add icons that are for practical purposes or just for fun.

Now, to get back to the story of my son. Around the time that Wataru was first diagnosed with autism, a lady volunteering said to me,

“You see, children born with developmental disabilities are like little angels living every moment of life to the fullest in their hearts. I would be more than happy to help any such angel”.

Over these past fourteen years, I have had the opportunity to meet many children with autism or other developmental disabilities. I definitely feel like most of these children feel each of their actions in their hearts. If Voice4u is able to help carry the voices of these little angels even the slightest bit, I am sure you will understand the value of this product. These angels all have varying personalities; some may be shy, yet others may be stubborn or outgoing. Although it may take time for your children to get used to our product, we hope that you will be able to hear the voice of your child little by little. If we are able to be of even the slightest assistance to all of those who use our product, nothing could make the Voice4u team happier.