What’s New in New Voice4u? (5): Use Multiple Icons on a Single Screen

This feature is what we call a “Multi Mode”. On previous versions of Voice4u, we had to go back and forth screens when we use multiple icons in sequence, which is not really convenient when we need to use many icons at once, or suggest choices to our loved ones.

The new version provides an option to switch modes: “Multi Mode” and “Single Mode”. By activating the “Multi Mode”, you can use multiple icons on a single screen WITHOUT switching screens. Take a look at these short videos demonstrating on this feature:

Tutorial #15 – Build a sentence

Tutorial #9 – Create Multiple Choices

Demonstration on iPhone & iPad

This “Multi Mode” switch can be controlled through the application’s setting screen. On iPad, this can be also accessed on each category, and Favorites screens. Of course, You can always go back to the classic Voice4u style mode, “Single Mode”, by turning off the switch.

Enjoy the video!

– The Voice4u Team