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Special Features

We can develop unique features just made available for your business and your clients’ needs. For example, we created a custom Voice4u TTS app integrated with optical character recognition (OCR) and multilingual translation, which is able to read foreign text books out loud in your own language.

Desktop Solution

We can port apps for your preferred platform such as Desktop PC, Windows Phones / Tablet, or Mac. Also, you can use your own logos, graphics, color schemes and data to exactly meet your business requirements.

Tabby – Smart Travel Guide

We helped developing Tabby. It is an unified travel guide app to provide a real-time voice interpretation, object/landmark/text detection & translation and organizing your unique travel journals.

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About Us

Spectrum Visions‘ mission is to enhance learning and human expression for individuals with special needs, such as autism, by information technology. We are committed to helping our customers accelerate their business through technology. In every engagement, we use a set of proven methodologies that guide our work and we strive to balance leading-edge technology innovation with cost-effective, reliable, secure, and adaptive IT solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ needs.

The company developed Voice4u application on the SPHERE platform to solve communication problem of special need people, especially autism and those who around them. The application is already used in over 100 countries and we have proven its commercial viability. The SPHERE is a versatile platform that is able to facilitate cross culture, cross language communication. Spectrum Visions Global delivers thorough technical solutions with SPHERE.

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  • Unique & User-Friendly Application Development
  • Robust & Scalable Data Platform Development
  • Agile Methods for Fast-moving Market
  • Dynamic, Fast-Paced & Result-Oriented Team
  • Fixed Fee Contracts


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