Voice4u TTS for Android is now available from Google Play

Hello there!

Finally, we have released Voice4u TTS from Google Play!


The capability of the app has been drastically expanded without upgrading to Voice4u Pro, which is available through monthly/annual subscription. This change is also same for the iOS version (version 1.20.0 or later, released in August, 2019):

  • Unlimited use of image-to-text (OCR).
  • Save words and phrases on the device.

You still need to upgrade to Voice4u Pro to use the cloud backup and sync. If you already enabled on the iOS version, you can also use the Pro features on the Android version of the app.

In addition, we updated the pricing of Voice4u Pro, premium features:

  • Monthly plan: $4.99/mo → $0.99/mo
  • Annual plan: $49.99/yr → $9.99/yr

Voice4u TTS is available on the iTunes Store

and Google Play.

–the Voice4u team