[Update] Voice4u AAC for Android Version 2.7.0 Release

Hello there!

We have just released a new version of Voice4u AAC for Android (version-2.7.0). This time, we made Voice4u even easier to use. We would like to introduce two major updates:

1. New “simple” home screen
2. Easier to add new icons

1. Simple home screen

The new Voice4u has only 3 tabs on the home screen and they are: Browse, Add and More. Previously there were 5 tabs and several switches to control what icons to show on the screen. Based on tests and user feedback, the Browse tab has two options: you can look up icons by category and favorites.

2. Easier to add new icons

You can add a new icon as little as 3 taps. Here is how it works.
1) Type in words/phrases of a new icons. Then, tap the “Next” button.

2) In a second, Voice4u creates a previous of a the new icon based on the words/phrases you typed. If you are ok with the previous, simply tap the “Done” button. You can change word, audio, category and image here, too.

After words/phrases are typed in, Voice4u attempts to do the followings:

  1. Automatically record voice by analyzing the words/phrases you typed. Also, it also detects the language of the words/phrases.
  2. Automatically select the best fitted category for the new icon.
  3. Automatically select an image that suits for the words/phrases you typed.

Related to this update, you can select a new image for your icons and categories very easily. You can update an image as little as 3 taps!

Also, the Text-To-Speech (auto voice) is now available for everyone! Voice4u always reads the text of your icons (that you did not record voice). Languages of voice is automatically selected.

If you hit any issues with the new version, please let us know immediately and we’ll fix it right away!

— The Voice4u team

Voice4u AAC for Android is available here: