[Update] Voice4u AAC v3.1.1 Release

Hello there!

We have updated Voice4u AAC for iOS, version-3.1.1. Let’s see what’s new in the latest release.

UI updates

We tweaked interfaces a bit:

category graphics – we add a blue folder like background to make them easier to distinguish from icons.

icon add screen – we improved the animation for transitioning the icon add screen.

iPad edit screen – we changed the icon edit screen on the iPad, very similar to that of iPhone/iPod touch design, for better performance and consistency.

Bug fixes

We fixed several bugs found in the previous version(s). We’ve fixed problems that:

  • the image of the preloaded icons cannot be changed on iPad.
  • the audio of the preloaded icons cannot be changed by automatic recording.
  • the Premium plan cannot be purchased without creating a new account: we’re following Apple’s app review guidelines. So, you can go Premium without creating new account. However, we still highly recommended to create one (after switching to Premium) because you can use the Premium features on multiple devices and restore your data when you switch your device or the app is accidentally deleted).

How do I update Voice4u AAC?

As usual, update is absolutely FREE, including those who are in the free license program.

  1. Your iPhone/iTouch/iPad will tell you when there are updates available by showing a number next to the Apps button on your iPhone dashboard. You can update your applications directly by following the steps on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad
  2. Click on the Apple Store Icon
  3. Click on the Updates tab on the bottom right corner of the screen
  4. Find Voice4u and tap it. Or, Simply tap the Update All button on the top right corner of the screen
  5. After this your update would start automatically in a few minutes and done!

If you hit any issues with the new version, please let us know immediately and we’ll fix it right away!

–the Voice4u team

Voice4u AAC is available from the iTunes Store and Google Play.

For more information about the Voice4u AAC app, check out this page:

Voice4u TTS & OCR app is FREE until April 30, 2016. Get it now! It works on both iPhone and iPad.