Heartwarming Stories of Voice4u

We have been pleased to receive various comments and thoughts on our new application Voice4u.

When we receive all of this positive feedback, it really makes us feel like our efforts are worthwhile. Thanks so much everyone!!

Over the weekend my son and I created many new icons together. When I usually play with him, his attention only lasts for a couple minutes, but when it came to making icons he remained entertained for several hours. Until now it had been quite challenging to play with my autistic son; however, thanks to Voice4u, I have become fun father to spend time with for my son. Thank you for the wonderful application! ~ Dad@NY~

With help from Voice4u, my daughter was able to go grocery shopping on her own for the first time. Because the employees were familiar with the iPod, they were able to attend to her needs when she showed them what it was that she was looking for. With other communication devices, store employees tended to be too surprised to listen to my daughter’s needs, but this time we were successful. My daughter looked satisfied as she ate the popcorn that she purchased with help from Voice4u. ~From LA~

If you wish to make any comments or ask any questions, please contact us at info[at]sv4u.net. Thank you!