Aspergers might be part of the Autism Spectrum?

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Aspergers might be part of the Autism Spectrum?

What!? Have you heard the news?

Based on the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the American Psychological Association has announced that Asperger’s Syndrome (and all other diagnoses under the category of “Pervasive Development Disorders”,) will now be included into the newly added diagnosis of “Autism Spectrum Disorder” instead of being a diagnosis of its own.

The Guardian has stated that many families have opposed the change fearing that their children will lose their diagnosis and services but experts have said this will not be the case.

The update to the DSM5 will ensure that people can get more accurately diagnosed to get the most appropriate treatment today, as the last DSM was written in 1994, with minor updates in 2000. 500 experts from around the world have put 14 years into this manual and the Voice4u team hopes the DSM5 will make some big positive changes in the spectrum.


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