Voice4u Behind the Stage (6) – Voice4u is only 2 cents per day.

Voice4u costs $29.99. Even though you may find no use for games once you have cleared all of the stages, or have just become bored of them, Voice4u will come in handy everyday.

Let’s look at the price of this software. Let’s suppose you use Voice4u all 365 days of the year. If you use it everyday for 1 year, each day you will be “costing” you 8 cents. Let’s suppose you use it everyday for 2 years. That’s 4 cents a day. For 4 years– that’s 2 cents a day.

For those of you who find it hard to pay the full price of $29.99 at once, consider the following…

Yup; Starbucks.

If you can restrain yourself and not buy a drink at Starbucks 7 times, you will have saved enough money to buy this application. Try satisfying your needs with home brewed coffee instead of the stuff from the store. If you’re married, it’s even easier! The two of you only have to fight the urge to purchase a drink 4 times each. Voice4u will be in your hands if you can control your desire for Starbucks. Think about it… getting 7 drinks, or being able to communicate with you children… it’s an obvious choice.