New updates automatically renews your Voice4u Pro subscriptions!

Hello there,

Do you know about Voice4u AAC/TTS’s Premium Version, “Voice4u Pro”?

By additionally purchasing “Voice4u Pro” (Monthly $4.99/ Anually $49.99), you can use the camera reader an unlimited amount of times (TTS), can use up to 150 images per month from the internet to create icons (AAC), and you can also backup your data and sync between multiple devices.

We have now updated “Voice4u Pro” so that you don’t have to go back out and subscribe to the app every time you hit that deadline.

– The automated subscription will be added in the versions below:
Voice4u AAC :version 3.6.1 (released in May 2017)
Voice4u TTS :version 1.9.1 (released in May 2017)

– The subscription will continue to automatically renew the subscription unless cancelled 24 hours before the update date.

– You can go through the cancel procedure by going through the menu in the account settings. Please take a look Here for details.

Please take a look here for details on “Voice4u Pro”.
Voice4u AAC Pro
Voice4u TTS Pro

We hope that this update for Voice4u will help you out!

— Voice4u Team