Step-by-step guide for downloading Voice4u (3 of 3)

Hope you have successfully downloaded Voice4u on your computer. If you haven’t, please follow these guides:

Installing Voice4u

Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer.

When iTunes opens, select your iPhone / iPod Touch under “Devices” in the Source List on the left.

Click “Sync”, located at the bottom right hand corner.

Voice4u is finally installed on your device.

Enjoy! Please also watch our tutorial videos on the website.


1. iPhone OS 3.1

Voice4u requires iPhone OS version 3.1. You may be prompted to upgrade to install voice4u.

To learn how to upgrade iPhone OS, please log on to: Then, click “Updating is Easy” located at the top-right hand corner.

2. How to use a Promotional Code

If you received a promotional code, you can redeem your code through iTunes. In order to do so, launch iTunes and go to the home page of iTunes Store.

In the “QUICK LINKS” window in the right-hand column, click “Redeem”.

Type your code in the box.

Apple has a step-by-step tutorial: