Step-by-step guide for downloading Voice4u (1 of 3)

Hello everyone.

If you decided to try Voice4u, but you are a new iPod touch or iPhone user, this is the place to look! We would like to show you how to download Voice4u onto your device in plain English with as many visuals as possible. This is the first of the step-by-step guide series.

Now, here is is a list of items that you will need in order to download Voice4u onto you device.


1. iPhone or iPod Touch

Voice4u is compatible with all current iPod Touch and iPhone devices, including the first generation iPod Touch (which does not have a built-in speaker), the second generation iPod Touch (with built-in speaker), the third generation iPod touch (with built-in speaker and microphone) the first generation iPhone, the second generation iPhone (iPhone 3G) and the third generation iPhone (iPhone 3Gs). To use Voice4u on an iPhone, you must activate your device with AT&T and pay applicable activation fees & monthly usage fees.

You can purchase an iPhone or iPod Touch at a local Apple store near you, or an Apple’s online store: To find out a store near you, please try the Apple Store Locator:

2. External Microphone

(for 1st & 2nd generation iPod Touch)

The first and second generation iPod Touch require an external microphone to record audio; however, the third generation iPod Touch comes with a microphone, so there is no need to purchase one. For example, the Apple Store sells Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic:

3. Digital Camera

(for all generation iPod Touches)

All iPod Touch users must capture graphics from an external camera (digital camera) and upload them to your PC or Mac via iTunes. Alternatively, you can draw graphics by hand or by using drawing software (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) and copy them to your iPod Touch or iPhone.

4. PC (Windows) or Mac

You need a computer to manage your device.  We support Windows and Macintosh.

5. Internet connection

You need to be connected to the Internet to download the software.


1. iTunes

iTunes is a FREE application available for Windows and Macintosh. It organizes your iPhone applications on your computer. iTunes is available at Apple’s website.

If you are new to iTunes, Apple is providing comprehensive video tutorials.

2. Browser

We support Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher), Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. We strongly recommend to to use the latest version of browser for the best results.

For example:

In this post we covered the basic items necessary to download Voice4u. In the next post, we will continue with our instructions, starting with how to download Voice4u from iTunes App Store.

Until next time, take care!